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Updated 08/22/13

Hardware CineMaster 1.2Since very little information can be found about the Hardware CineMaster C cards, I've summarized what I've learned about them on these pages. There's also some Hardware CineMaster S and Software CineMaster information.

More information about this site can be found here.

CineMaster News
News related to the CineMaster products.

New revision 1.5 of the CIFELLI cifePEG C 3.0 (December 3, 2004)
The new revision includes some firmware changes, but no new drivers. See CIFELLI's FAQ for more info.
Updated CIFELLI cifePEG web page (September 26, 2003)
More information added (possible uses, advantages and compatible video cards). See the updated page here.

You can find older news in the News Archive.

Site News
Changes to this web site.

  • February 7, 2004
    Moved some information on the first page to a new "About" page.
    Added some new links to Hardware CineMaster driver downloads at Sonic (just new links, not new drivers).
  • August 28, 2003
    Most driver download links have been updated.

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For more documents go to the documents page.


See the downloads page. For information about region hacks see the region hacks page.


If you need official support please contact the supplier of your hardware or software. You can also try contacting CIFELLI directly.

If you don't get help from them or have any information to add to this page, please contact me here.

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