How to make Hardware CineMaster C region free

Version 0.93a - November 6, 2000
By Niclas Pennskog

For use with Hardware CineMaster C 1.x and 3.0 only!
The Hardware CineMaster S 2.x and Software CineMaster are different products.

Note! The hack will only work with RPC1 DVD-ROM drives and does not handle RPC2 drives. RPC2 drives have region prodection in the drive. You can check your drive with the DriveInfo utility.
CCrack 0.4 includes an untested experimental RPC2 hack reported to work for some users.

I did not write the hack. The author wishes to be anonymous.

Windows 9x
There is a small application called CCrack that will modify one of the driver files and make the driver region free. CCrack supports a number of different driver versions.

When you run CCrack and press OK the driver file will be modified (after a backup of the file has been made). The driver is located in the Windows system directory.

When you run CCrack you will see a dialog with a couple of radio buttons with the different regions.
If you press OK, the driver file will be modified. The driver is located in the Windows system directory.

The region setting in the dialog is only for a few movies that include a check for the correct region and will not play with the region free driver. These movies can be played by selecting the correct region in the dialog.
Most movies do not use this function and will always work without the need to run CCrack ever again.

Windows 2000
The author of the hack has reported some difficulties using CCrack 0.5 in Windows 2000 (SP1) but it works fine on my system (Swedish Windows 2000 SP1 and SP2 with DVD Player 1.9). I have an RPC1 DVD-ROM. Read this document if you have any troubles.