How to use Hardware CineMaster C on Windows XP

Version 1.0 - October 25, 2001
By Niclas Pennskog

For use with Hardware CineMaster C or cifePEG C3.0

Windows XP includes drivers for Hardware CineMaster C. The drivers are the same old drivers as in Windows 2000. Even though updated drivers for Windows 2000 was released before the development of Windows XP was closed they were not included. Probably because the product is no longer being manufactured by Ravisent (Cifelli now sells it as "cifePEG C3.0").

However, the included drivers do not work so well with Windows Media Player for Windows XP. There is also no way to access the settings on the card (like video, audio and TV output).

For full features you can install Ravisent's DVD Player 1.9. This player seems to work with both the included driver and the updated Windows 2000 driver included with this player.

You can download DVD Player 1.9 and updated drivers here:

If you still want to use Windows Media Player for Windows XP you can buy a software decoder for Windows XP. Since this software decoder does not use the hardware card at all, you will not be able to use the TV out or any other features on the card. See for more information. The CinePlayer application was previously known as Software CineMaster.