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Updated 08/22/13

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The site news with changes to this web site can be found here.


New revision 1.5 of the CIFELLI cifePEG C 3.0 (December 3, 2004)
The new revision includes some firmware changes, but no new drivers. See CIFELLI's FAQ for more info.


Updated CIFELLI cifePEG web page (September 26, 2003)
More information added (possible uses, advantages and compatible video cards). See the updated page here.


Sonic CinePlayer 1.5 trial version available (October 16, 2002)
You can download the trial here.
Sonic Releases Sonic CinePlayer 1.5 (September, 2002)
Some of the new features are an enhanced user interface and OpenDVD compliance. More information is available here.
Axeda has licensed RAVISENT Tecnologies to Sonic (May 29, 2002)
Under the agreement, Sonic will pay Axeda a one-time fee of $2 million for the license and related agreements, and in return will obtain exclusive rights to deploy the RAVISENT technologies in the personal computer market.
CIFELLI has taken over the Hardware CineMaster C 3.0 card (March 31, 2002)
CIFELLI Corporation has taken over the Hardware CineMaster C 3.0 card and is marketing it as cifePEG C3.0. The card can now be ordered from CIFELLI.
RAVISENT and eMation Together Become Axeda Systems Inc. (January 14, 2002)
RAVISENT Technologies Inc. and its new subsidiary, eMation, Inc., announced that they have changed their names to become Axeda Systems Inc. See the press release for more information.


RAVISENT CinePlayer 4.0 available (October 16, 2001)
A new version of the software player is available at RavisentDirect for $49.95 ($29.95 for an upgrade). The new version is compatible with Windows XP. Read the press release here.
RAVISENT will develop an add on pack for Windows XP (July 16, 2001)
MP3 Creation and DVD Decoder packs will enable MP3 ripping and DVD playback in Windows Media Player for Windows XP. Read the press release here.
LSI Logic to purchase C-Cube Microsystems in $878 million acquisition (March 21, 2001)
C-Cube is the manufacturer of the ZiVA decoder chip found on Hardware CineMaster C. Read the press release here.
RAVISENT unveils CinePlayer DVR 3.0 at CES 2001 (January 8, 2001)
CinePlayer DVR 3.0 gives PC users the ability to pause, replay, rewind and fast-forward live TV. CinePlayer DVR 3.0 uses MPEG1, MPEG2 and ASF encoding technology. Read the press release here.


Microsoft selects Ravisent for Xbox (December 22, 2000)
Microsoft has selected RAVISENT to be the provider of DVD playback software for its Xbox video game system. Read the press relase here.
Ravisent's downloads are down (again...) (November 29, 2000)
Ravisent seem to have difficulties keeping the download page from staying updated... The page has been replaced with an old version with non working links.
Ravisent opens web shop (November 15, 2000)
In the new shop you can buy some new applications and a CineMaster 99 update for Windows Me and Windows 2000. Go to the shop at
CCrack 0.5 - New version supports the latest drives (November 6, 2000)
Ravisent's latest drivers and DVD Player are now supported.
Windows 2000 and Windows Me drivers released for Hardware CineMaster C 3.0/98! (October 31, 2000)
Finally, Ravisent has released the promised Windows 2000 drivers. Windows 98 and Me are also supported. You can download the drivers here.
VideoLogic's Software CineMaster update for Windows 2000. (August 16, 2000)
VideoLogic has released a Windows 2000 update for Software CineMaster. You can find it here.
Ravisent's Software CineMaster 98/99 update for Windows 2000 delayed. (August 15, 2000)
The update has been delayed and there is currently no set release date. The release was originally set for "around July 31".
Ravisent to Acquire Cinax Designs, Inc. (July 27, 2000)
Cinax are known for their WinVCR product.
Software CineMaster 98/99 update for Windows 2000 soon (July 3, 2000)
Ravisent will release an update for Software CineMaster 98 and Software CineMaster 99 around July 31. Unfortunately there is no information about an Hardware CineMaster update.
Ravisent's downloads are OK again (June 4, 2000)
The files on Ravisent's support page are now located on the web site instead of the old FTP site.
Software CineMaster 2000 (May 13, 2000)
The new DVD Player works with Hardware CineMaster C! Only the SPDIF and TV out settings are missing. Unlike the old player this installation works on Windows 2000 and you can select to only install the player!
Ravisent announces CinePlayer (May 9, 2000)
CinePlayer replaces Software CineMaster. See the press release.
Ravisent's FTP server down (May 9, 2000)
The FTP servers with the driver downloads seems to have been down for a couple of weeks... Ravisent is in the progress of registering a new FTP server name.
CCrack 0.4 - New version may support RPC2 drives (April 12, 2000)
You can now browse to the dvdpld32.dll file manually (useful for Windows 2000). This release also includes experimental RPC2 support.
Ravisent's support section is back (March 14. 2000)
The driver downloads pages are now back under the Products section.
Windows 2000 and the Ravisent DVD Player (March 11, 2000)
How to install the Ravisent DVD Player on Windows 2000.
Ravisent's support section and Hardware CineMaster status (March 9. 2000)
The drivers download section will return soon on Ravisents web site. The Hardware CineMaster products have been phased out in favour for the software products.
Redesigned Ravisent Web Site (March 8, 2000)
Ravisent has totally redesigned their web site. They now have information about Software CineMaster 1999, 2000, HDTV and DVR. But they no longer mention Hardware CineMaster and there is no support section! The download links are gone, but they still work.
Windows 2000 and nVidia TNT/TNT2 (February 28, 2000)
nVidia has released an official release candidate driver (3.78). Use this version instead of the unofficial version 3.75 mentioned below.
Windows 2000 and nVidia TNT/TNT2 (January 30, 2000)
If you have trouble getting a picture with your TNT/TNT2 card in Windows 2000, try this unofficial updated reference driver (3.75).
CCrack 0.3 - New version also supports the Windows 95 driver (January 23, 2000)
The latest official Windows 95 (CineMaster C 1.2) driver is now also supported. Still no RPC2 support.
RPC2 hack? (January 20, 2000)
If the the CCrack 0.2 does not work with your system it's probably because the hack does not handle RPC2 drives. All new DVD-ROMs are RPC2-drives. Use this tool to check your DVD-ROM.
CCrack 0.2 - New version of the Hardware CineMaster C hack (January 10, 2000)
This version also hacks the latest official Windows 98 drivers from Ravisent.
New drivers at Ravisent (January 7, 2000)
New Hardware CineMaster C drivers for Windows 98. But there's no sign of the promised Windows 2000 driver...
CCrack 0.1 - New version of the Hardware CineMaster C hack (January 7, 2000)
This version includes some help information and can now hack three versions of the dvdpld32.dll.


Windows 2000 drivers for Hardware CineMaster C (December 22, 1999)
Drivers for Windows 2000 will be on Ravisent's website on January 7, 2000.
CCrack 0.0 - New region hack for Hardware CineMaster C (December 3, 1999)
This hack is a program that modifies the dvdpld32.dll version This driver file is included in the currently latest driver version only available from Dell. See Region Hacks.
CineMaster 2000 at Comdex Fall '99 in Las Vegas (October 28, 1999)
The first public showing of CineMaster 2000 and HDTV hardware and software!
I was at Comdex, but since Ravisent was at an hotel and not at the actual exibition I didn't have time to visit them.
CineMaster HDTV (October 26, 1999)
Ravisent shows the new product CineMaster HDTV. Read more here.
Gateway uses Software CineMaster 99 (October 21, 1999)
Gateway uses engine version and DVD Player version
ELSA uses Software CineMaster 99 (October 8 1999)
The ELSAmovie application included with the ELSA Erazor III graphics cards uses the CineMaster 99 engine version 2.0.35.
There are also rumors about a version 2.0.36.
Sony and CineMaster 98 (September 20, 1999)
Sony will use Software CineMaster 98 in its package with the DDU220E-SRP DVD-Drive.
ATI DVD Player 3.2 (September 16, 1999)
ATI has released an update to their DVD Player using the Software CineMaster engine. Only minor parts of the engine has been updated.
Dell DVD Player/driver update (August 27, 1999)
Dell has released a new update. It includes an updated DVD Player and CineMaster C 1.2 and 3.0 Windows 98 drivers. The driver version is finally over 1.0 and the player has a new RPC2.DLL included... The update requires the right configuration to install. The update also includes nVidia Riva TNT drivers version 1.91.
The most noticeable improvement is that still images and menus (not animated menus) are played using the Weave method and therefore looks much better on the monitor.
Ravisent does not seem to have any plans to release an official update at this moment.
Matrox Millenium G400 (August 19, 1999)
Matrox has selected Software CineMaster for use in its software DVD Player called Matrox DVD Player 1.0. It's bundled with the Matrox Millenium G400 series graphics cards. Engine version is used.
Ravisent reports result for Q2 (August 10, 1999)
Ravisent reports 139% gain in second quarter revenue.
AMD Athlon (August 9, 1999)
Ravisent has announced that its CineMaster family of DVD decoders and MPEG-2 encoders now reach new performance levels on the next-generation AMD Athlon processor. See Press the Press Release for more information.
Matrox G400
According to a rumor, Software CineMaster will be included with Matrox G400 cards.
CineMaster 2000
Ravisent is working on software CineMaster 2000, a next generation software decoder with recording features!
QI renamed to Ravisent (July 12, 1999)
Quadrant International has changed it's name to "Ravisent Technologies" (Revolutionary Audio and VISual ENTertainment Technologies). The company recently changed it's name to "Divicore", but has now changed it again...
The new URL for their web site is
Windows 2000 RC 1
Windows 2000 RC 1 includes drivers for the Hardware CineMaster C 1.2 and 3.0 cards.
Windows 2000 Beta 3
Windows 2000 Beta 3 includes drivers for the Hardware CineMaster C 1.2 card only.