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Updated 08/22/13

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About the DVD Player Region Setting
DVD Player does not use the region setting in Windows 98. It uses it's own region setting stored on the hardware decoder (Hardware CineMaster) or in the Windows registry (Software CineMaster). Some of the hardware versions allow the region to be changed 5 times. After that, it locks to the last region selected.
It is possible to set the Windows 98 region to one setting and the Hardware CineMaster to another. You can then use the Microsoft DVD Player to watch one region and the Ravisent DVD Player to watch the other. But the Microsoft DVD Player's user interface isn't very good. And you don't have access to all the features of the hardware decoder (like turning the SPDIF out on/off).

Hardware CineMaster C

CCrack 0.5

CCrack is an application that modifies a driver file (dvdpld32.dll) making the DVD Player ignore the region check.

This hack is a program that modifies the dvdpld32.dll version,,,, or
The program will tell you your version of the dvdpld32.dll file, so you can check if you need to download one of the supported driver versions. I recommend the latest version.

After applying the hack the player is region free. You will only need to change the region code with the radio buttons if you play a movie that check the region code itself.

If you have an RPC2 DVD-ROM drive (all new DVD-ROM players are) you also need to make your DVD-ROM region free.

CCrack includes an experimental untested RCP2 hack. Please report if it works!
Some people have reported that it works and some have reported that it doesn't work...
The RPC2 hack is only for dvdpld32.dll version (it is still unconfirmed if version also works in CCrack 0.5).

What is RPC2?
All new DVD-ROMs are "RPC2". Drives with RPC2 are region code locked so it doesn't matter if the DVD player or decoder is region free. Use this tool to check your DVD-ROM.

Windows 2000
The author of the hack reports some difficulties using it with Windows 2000, but the hack works fine on my computer with Windows 2000 SP1 (Swedish), DVD Player 1.9 and dvdpld.dll If you have any troubles read this document.


  • CCrack 0.5 (November 4, 2000)
    For use with one of the supported driver versions.
    Follow the link to a new page and download the file from there. Do not use Save Target As or Save Link As in your browser on this page!
  • How to make Hardware CineMaster C region free document
  • Supported driver versions
    • dvdpld32.dll version (Ravisent, Windows 98/Me/2000) Download
    • dvdpld32.dll version (Ravisent, Windows 98) Download
    • dvdpld32.dll version (Dell, Windows 98) Download 
    • dvdpld32.dll version (Ravisent, Windows 98)
    • dvdpld32.dll version (Dell, Windows 98) Download
    • dvdpld32.dll version (Ravisent, Windows 95) Download C1.2 only

Old hack - for the old official drivers from Ravisent only
This hack is a modified dvdpld32.dll version that needs to be replaced manually. After replacing the file the player will ignore the region setting. This hack only works for the old official drivers!

  • Hacked DLL
  • Old official DVD Player and Windows 98 drivers
    dvdpld32.dll version (no longer available for download)

Hardware CineMaster S

The hack is available at these locations:

Software CineMaster

Use DVD Genie to change the region setting.