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The Knight Team

Unfortunately, all of my Atari disks were stolen in 1995. That's why you can't download any of our demos or programs. If you somehow have any of my programs, please contact me!

I got an old demo version of my program "The Blipp Blopper" back from Phil Graham. Thank you!


TKT was formed sometime in the 1980's by me, Niclas Pennskog (Jason), and my friend Martin Olsson (Elof).
First, we both had MSX computers. At that time we did not make any demos or programs on the MSX although we tried the art of cracking games a bit.
Later, we moved to the Atari ST and began writing demos. After a while we both joined Unit Seventeen.
All of our programs will most likely work with any of the available Atari ST emulators for PC.



  • Bubble Demo (ST)
    Our first demo. Features Bubble Rasters, scrolling background, scroll and music by me and Elof.
    Written in assembler.
  • Bubble Demo II (STE)
    An update to our first demo. Features Bubble Rasters, scrolling background, Mad Max music, scroll and some animation.
    Written in assembler.
  • Aros Demo (ST)
    A tribute to our town, Västerås, when it had a birthday (1000 years to be exact!). Features funny dots, glowing logo, logo dist with starscroller, Mad Max music, dual VU-Meters, scroll, sunrise/sunset over the city and some flashing text.
    Written in assembler.
  • ...and a couple of unfinished STE demos with EPSS tunes (8 channels in 25 kHz).


Click on the images to view them in a larger size.

The Blipp Blopper BB Sound Editor
Bubble Demo II Bubble Demo II
Aros Demo image 1 Aros Demo image 2
Aros Demo Intro Aros Demo
Aros Demo image 3 Aros Demo image 4
Aros Demo Aros Demo


  • The Blipp Blopper (ST/STE/TT)
    A sound tracker for the YM-2149 sound chip. You can make your own Mad Max tunes with this application!
    It is possible to create freely distributable songs using a small, fast and relocatable sound driver. Supports samples on STE/TT.
    This program never reached version 1.0. The final version was 0.9x and worked very well...
    Written entirely in assembler.
    Download version 0.89 and 0.79 here.
  • Terminal Emulator (ST/STE/TT)
    A terminal emulator (ASCII, VT52 and ANSI) written in High Speed Pascal. Also developed on PC in Turbo Pascal.


  • Corner Clock (ST/STE/TT)
    A simple clock in the upper right corner. Works with all resolutions. Small and fast memory resident program. Written in assembler.
  • KeyTalk (STE/TT)
    The computer will speak the letter you press on the keyboard! Small memory resident program. Written in assembler.
  • Mouse Dist (ST/STE/TT)
    Distort our logo (like in the Aros Demo) with the mouse!
  • ...and some more...

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