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MSX was a home computer standard based on a Zilog Z80 3.5Mhz 8Bit CPU. Example of some companies with MSX computers are Spectravideo, Sony and Goldstar. The MSX Basic language was written by Microsoft.

Konami is a game company that I think made the best games the MSX computers.

I've owned a Spectravideo SV-328 (pre MSX) and a Spectravideo SVI-738 (MSX).

View some of my favorite MSX games.

Utilities written by me

PSG2YM - Play MSX tunes on your PC! This program converts PSG files to YM files.


MSX FAQ by Marat Fayzullinat.
The Ultimate MSX FAQ
Old MSX FAQ at Toni Siira's MSX page.
Marat Fayzullina's MSX Information and links.


fMSX - a portable MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ emulator written by Marat Fayzullin.
Other fMSX ports: Win95/NT, Mac
fMSX DOS. Marcel de Kogel's excellent DOS port.
RuMSX - a great emulator running under Windows 95/98/NT. Supports DirectX. Another link.
SVI-318-328 emulator (pre-MSX)


Konami home page in America and Konami home page in Japan.
The unofficial Konami home page.
Konami MSX Games (Sean Young) and his list of Konami Games.
The updated list can now be found at Generation MSX.
Possi's Konami Page. A list of all Konami's MSX cartridges. All games are downloadable!
The GX400 Emulator (was The Nemesis Arcade Emulator) for Windows 95! Very impressive! This emulator emulates the real Nemesis (from 1985) and Salamander arcade games. Nemesis was also known as Gradius in some parts of the world.
These games were also available for the MSX computers.

Other links

FTP Site with MSX files: ftp.komkon.org/pub/MSX/
The Unofficial Spectravideo Homepage
Generation MSX
The Unofficial Spectravideo Page

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