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Red Dwarf

KrytenRed Dwarf is a British SCI-FI comedy TV show with many fans all over the world. You can find some recent news and links on this page. Read the FAQ for more information about Red Dwarf. 

News (July 2003)
Season 3 will be released on DVD in November 2003.
A Red Dwarf movie is in production and will be released in 2004. Shooting starts in September 2003.

Download the Red Dwarf theme song as a MIDI-file: RDTHEME.MID RDTHEME.MID (12 kB).

I have a Red Dwarf ROT13 Page where you can decode the ROT13 coded text from the Red Dwarf FAQ.

The Primer for alt.tv.red-dwarf (broken link!)
The Frequently Asked Questions List (FAQ)
(broken link!)
Welcome to alt.tv.red-dwarf

Web Pages  
The Official Red Dwarf Home Page
The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club
BBC - Comedy - Red Dwarf
Craig Charles Online (Lister)
Robert Llewellyn's Home Page (Kryten)
Howard Goodall (composer of the theme song)
Tomb Raider movie starring Chris Barrie (Rimmer)
Red Dwarf Toys from Product Enterprise Ltd. NEW!
Red Dwarf Trading Cards (UK) NEW!
Red Dwarf Trading Cards (US)
Ganymede & Titan with The Red Dwarf DVD and Movie FAQ
UWB Red Dwarf
Red Dwarf Unofficial (Page by Vedran Jelenic)
Holly Hop Red Dwarf Webring

FAQ FAQ mirrors
The Frequently Asked Questions List (FAQ) (broken link!) Red Dwarf FAQ at The Internet FAQ Consortium
Red Dwarf FAQ at Sun SITE Northern Europe
Red Dwarf FAQ at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

News Groups Where to order Books, Videos etc.
alt.tv.red-dwarf News Group: alt.tv.red-dwarf Reed Books
SF-Bokhandeln in Stockholm, Sweden.

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